Control of the fermentation process

Yeast, during and after fermentation, gathers at the bottom of the tank (or tank cone). As a rule, yeasts used in such a process are used several times. Since only the most fermenting yeast should be used further, the selection is most often performed.
At the beginning of the yeast harvest, the number of yeast cells is very high (TNTC) and decreases continuously with the duration of the process. The beginning and end of the yeast harvest is usually done manually by an employee who controls turbidity through a built-in speculum. After the end of the storage process or by filtration, the remaining yeast is drawn as a precipitate. The automation of the yeast harvesting process and the definition of the individual phase separation can be performed by using the ITM-2 turbidity meter.

The NEGELE solution
Due to differences in the number of cells and the density of the yeast layers, turbidity measurement can be used to differentiate individual yeast layers
For this purpose, the ITM-2 / -3 turbidity meter is mounted at the outlet of the fermentation tank. The meter continuously measures turbidity in% while the output signal 4 ... 20mA representing the measured turbidity value can be connected to a controller or regulator.
Thanks to the possibility of setting the ITM-2 / -3 meter threshold value (alarm output), the yeast harvesting process can be carefully monitored, repeatable and automatic.
• Accurate, repeatable measurement that guarantees consistent product quality.
• Saving time quickly depreciates the investment cost and makes production
more favorable, based on a sustainable basis.
• Very low price compared to the results obtained

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